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Thermal Power Plants


Thermal Power Plants

Coal fired, nuclear and natural gas plants are thermal power plants. These power plants are usually constructed on a large scale and designed for continuous operation. Therefore, thermal power plants being out of service due to failures cause serious production loss.

In order to ensure that the thermal power plants remain reliable and efficient over their entire life time, regular outages are performed. TTM Enerji is assisting thermal power plants across the globe to reduce the cost and time of these outages by providing services such as


  • Test and Maintenance Services
    • HV Substation test and maintenance
    • Power transformer test and maintenance
    • MV Switchgear test and maintenance
    • MV motor test and maintenance
    • Protection and synchronization system test and maintenance
    • Ground grid measurements


  • Engineering Analysis Services
    • Arc flash analysis
    • Short circuit current calculation
    • Load flow analysis
    • Motor acceleration analysis
    • Transient stability analysis
    • Modelling of governor and exciter for transient stability analysis
    • Protection relay coordination studies
      • Distance protection study 
      • Generator protection study
      • Transformer  protection study 
      • MV motor protection study